Double Your Impact! Giving-Tuesday 11/29

Dear Gateway Church

Miguel* needs you.

Miguel is from an unreached people trapped in the bondage of an oppressive ancient religion. He has encountered the love and salvation of Jesus—but he can’t take the good news of great joy to his people without you.

A window of opportunity is open right now for Alliance workers to help Miguel create a gospel presence in his community.

Will you give a special gift on GivingTuesday so unreached peoples like Miguel’s community can experience Jesus’ love for the very first time?

This need is so urgent and vital that generous Alliance friends and family have joined together to offer a matching gift on GivingTuesday—up to $200,000! That means your gift can be doubled, but only tomorrow!

God’s love motivated Him to establish His presence among us, and it fuels us to generously extend His presence among the world’s remaining unreached peoples.

Join a generosity movement and give the gift of gospel presence this Christmas season, so oppressed and suffering people like Miguel’s community can experience the uncontainable love of God.


Click    HERE     to Give tomorrow on GivingTuesday 11/29 and your gift—as well as your impact—will be doubled!

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Thankful for you,
Paul Crosby
Assistant Vice President for Development C&MA

P.S. Suffering and marginalized peoples in the world’s toughest places need you. This Christmas, give the gift of gospel presence—the greatest expression of God’s unyielding love for all people. Double your impact by giving tomorrow on GivingTuesday!