Kids Camp – 19 Days of Prayer

Coming up on July 11-14, we’ll be hosting this year’s Kids Camp, with the theme “Monumental”. As we approach this time, we’d ask that you join us in prayer over the event. Pastor Teresa, who is leading Kids Camp, has constructed a guide with different prayer topics for each day. We encourage you to pray along side us as we look forward to what God will do at Kids Camp!

June 27 – Pray that our community and families would be touched in a positive way by Gateway’s Kids Camp. This year’s Kids Camp is titled “Monumental: Celebrating God’s Greatness”. Pray that the songs, lessons, and activities would be effective tools in teaching children how great God is! And through this prayer countdown, most importantly, pray for Jesus to be proclaimed!

June 28 – Pray for volunteers to be able to share God’s Word and love in a clear way with the kids. Pray for energy and strength for all those teaching, volunteering, and preparing.

June 29 – Pray that all the children and staff who attend Kids Camp will be healthy during the week. Pray that there will be no illness of any kind for the participants.

June 30 – Pray for the crew leaders as they quickly need to build relationships with their crew. Pray that kids are in the crews God wants them to be in, with the leaders God has in place.

July 1 – Pray for our Bible Adventure leaders to share the stories of Joseph’s life and the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in a clear way that brings it alive for kids.

July 2 – Pray for our Imagination Station leaders and assistants as they prepare science or craft-based object lessons that will help children remember what they are learning at Kids Camp.

July 3 – Pray for our game leaders and assistants as they plan games that will help reinforce all that the kids are learning. Pray that the games are fun and memorable.

July 4 – Pray for our photographers; that they will be able to capture all that is happening during the week to share with others. Pray for those volunteering with the nursery kids; That they can share God’s love even with the youngest ones.

July 5 – Pray for our registration leaders as they greet and help everyone get signed in each day. Pray for a smooth process and patient people. Pray that our drop-off and pick-up process will go smoothly.

July 6 – Pray that all volunteers are blessed beyond measure as they pour into Kids Camp. Pray for first-time volunteers that they would grow, learn, and have fun during the preparation for that week.

July 7 – Pray that there would be no accidents or injuries. Pray that Kids Camp can be done in a way that is fun and engaging for all the kids. Pray for the safety and health of all involved during the week.

July 8 – Pray that parents would place importance on their children attending Kids Camp, and help them get there each day, support the week in prayer, and help where needed.

July 9 – Pray for good weather for the week’s outdoor activities. Pray for the unexpected things that come up – That they will allow us to share God’s greatness.

July 10 – Pray all the leaders, volunteers, and kids get a good night’s rest and that all obstacles are removed from kids being able to come tomorrow! Pray for those who are decorating the church – That they will be creative and make the building fun for the kids. Pray for us to be ready to receive and lead 100+ kids in worship, bible teaching, and fun for the week.

July 11 – Today is the first day of Kids Camp! Pray for an energetic start; for all the details to flow smoothly; for the kids to enjoy what they are learning and desire to return. Pray for our worship team, that they lead kids into meaningful worship and prepare their hearts for the evenings ahead.

July 12 – Today is the second day. Pray that all the planned activities are fun and engaging and compel children to return and invite others.

July 13 – Today, the curriculum presents the gospel message. Pray that it will be heard, received, and planted deep in the hearts of the children. Pray that kids who are ready would begin their own relationship with Jesus.

July 14 – Praise God for all He is doing through Kids Camp! Pray for the energy and strength to finish well for all volunteers.

July 15 – Praise God for a great week! Thank Him for His faithfulness. Pray for the kids and their parents who are not connected in the church to seek connection. Pray for salvation and growth as the bible lessons are remembered! Pray for the kids’ parents to be touched by their kids’ experience and hear God’s Word in a new way.