Journey Bag Drive – Foster Care

Kids entering foster care or being moved to a new house often times are given just a few minutes to gather items they want to bring with them as they leave home for an unknown amount of time.

We are doing  a “Journey Bag” drive this month to support children in the Sherburne County foster system. These “Journey Bags” will be given to foster kids when placed in a new home and they contain a specific list of items that slightly eases the transition. There are 4 lists broken up by age for example a newborn -2t bag will include diapers, wipes, pacifier, PJs, a stuffed animal and some other toiletries.

A 13 year old would have things like school supplies, tooth brush, underwear, a game, some books, deodorant  and other things

This is an opportunity to support kids in really difficult situations.

This is an opportunity to come around families who have volunteered to provide foster care, who have opened up their homes and hearts to take care of these children. Last I heard there were only 25 foster care families in Sherburne county. Maybe God is calling you to do more than a Journey Bag.

These journey bags are an opportunity to show the people in the government center across the street that Gateway and therefore God, cares about issues in our community.

Over the next 4 weeks we will be collecting supplies. In the Church lobby there are tables that say “LOVE MN” with supply lists broken down by age group, instructions for letting us know which items you will be purchasing. And collection bins to sort the supplies when you bring them back.

After all of the supplies are collected, we will be packing them on Sunday Feb 26th after 2nd service at 12:15. Let’s love on some kids and see how many “Journey Bags” we can pack.

Pick some items to Purchase from a list below. (All Items must be new.)