GTWY News – The Place to be in the Know

We’re excited to announce the release of GTWY News, our new platform for communicating and disseminating information at Gateway. For many years, churches have relied on weekly update emails or newsletters to try to get information out to people. We’ve also done the same thing. While regular emails with lists of events can be effective for some, many people don’t read emails on a regular basis. Emails are hard to keep up with, often ending up in our archive boxes or deleted altogether. We’ve decided to try something different.

Our goal at Gateway is to be a church that communicates well! That means keeping you in the know for upcoming opportunities, commenting on ministry specific events, and addressing cultural or biblical topics in deeper ways. This is where GTWY News comes in. Beginning immediately, you can go to our website and hit the “News” button at the top to be directed to our News page. There you’ll find articles written about upcoming events, events specific to kids ministry and youth ministry, and editorial pieces written on a variety of topics (culture, biblical theology, church vision and mission, etc). You can also click on “Email Preferences” to sign up and have these articles sent directly to your e-mail inbox. What you can expect is that we will refer to these articles frequently on social media as well as on Sunday mornings. Make sure and take some time to bookmark our news page and let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about!