GTWY LIVE – September 17, 2023

Life Groups
Life groups begin today! A life group is a small group of people who study God’s word and live life together. We have many opportunities for you to jump into a live group, including at the end of our services at 12:30 PM. Please click here to sign up for a life group.

Family Service
While geared for families with younger kids, our goal in family service is to engage people of all ages as we do church together. Even if you don’t have young kids (or kids at all), we think that you will benefit greatly from spending time with us. If you have any questions, please fill out a connection card here.

Love MN – Support Our Schools
Last week, we launched our new initiative called LoveMN. We feel a strong call to minister to the communities around us, as many churches do; however, the struggle of impacting lives in suburban America is felt here in Elk River. People have very few felt needs and therefore, don’t see a lot of value in Jesus. How do we show people the power of Christ in a way that will impact them when they don’t feel their need? That’s where LoveMN comes in.

LoveMN is an effort to draw those close to us into ministry opportunities that benefit others with the goal of impacting them (our neighbors) for Christ. Confused? Let me give you a hypothetical example. Let’s pretend we offer an event at Gateway that benefits Children’s Hospital. Everyone, regardless of what they think of Jesus, wants to help hurting or sick kids! Our plan would be to invite our neighbors to help us with that event, even those that don’t know Jesus.

We think so many thinks can go well in this opportunity! We get to help those in need, we show our neighbors that have been hurt by the Church that our goal is to make the world better, we build relationships with those that are close to us, etc. Hopefully, we can inspire others to see that Jesus is the key! Without him, nothing in the world is restored. Suburbanites will see that THEY have a need for Christ too. Everyone wins, most importantly the Kingdom of God.

If you want to get involved in our first opportunity, “Support our Schools”, click here. Many more will be coming in the future!

Baptism Service
Join us for our next baptism service on Sunday September 24th. If you’re interested in being baptized either that Sunday or a different day, let us know by filling out a connection card here.

Community Prayer Walk
On September 30th, we will be partnering with other churches in Elk River to pray over our city. Our desire is that God causes revival in our midst and prayer is a critical component of that. We would love to have you join us as we cover our town in the power of God. If you’d like more information about getting involved in the prayer walk, please email Teresa Cleveland at

GTWY Connect
Our next Gateway Connect event will be coming up soon on October 6th from 6:30-8:00 PM. We will spend time together, fellowship, eat s’mores, and pray over what God might do at our upcoming Harvest Festival. If you’d like more information, please contact Jessica Sabelko at