In response to questions that have arisen regarding Gateway Church’s policy on Executive Order 20-81 (The mask mandate), we make the following statement:

Gateway Church believes God has placed authorities in power over us, and that as stated in Roman’s 13, we have obligation to obey them, with the exception of orders or requests that are in conflict with a command from God. (Acts 5 for example).

Gateway Church will abide in full with the executive order 20-81, which includes guidance on wearing a mask indoors in public spaces as well as honoring any exemptions that may apply. Additionally, we make the assumption any individual not wearing a mask falls under an exemption and will comply with guidance that does not allow us to require proof of a condition or disability. We may offer accommodations including requests for physical distancing or encouragement to consider participation in online services at home.

We encourage you to review the Governer’s policy at